Hide or move the "default_view"

Hi all!

I’ve searched an answer but can’t find what I really would like to do!

I’m starting using views in HASSIO and I have what seems to me a pretty simple question, is there a possibility to have a default view with everything we want to use and have another view with EVERYTHING.

I simply would like to have my first tab “home” with everything me and my wife would use and another tab (in second place) where I can see all my equipments, automatically added when new ones are detected…?

Thank a lot guys!

you can use order: to arrange your tabs but I’m not sure if it will override the position of the default_view. Give it a try and find out. I only use Lovelace now which means starting alll over again with you GUI setup


Once you define a default_view then the original default view goes away. you can make another view that has all of your devices in it just like the original default view but you have to add everything there manually. It won’t populate that view automatically any more like the original does.

So there is no solution for my problem? :frowning:

I tried to add “order:1” to my second tab but that’s not working.

Is there a way to hide the default_view and access it via “hass:8123/states/default_view” for example?

if you use order: I think you need to give all your tabs an order number


I had exactly the same question when I first started and was given the same answer.

The original default view will always be first.

I think order: is only for groups in a view. I think…

And you don’t have to use order: on all groups. I have one group I gave order: 2. None of the others have that defined.

So, no way to have a default_view with everything discovered not the first tab or invisible…?

I think the closest you will get to that is to redefine the home (default) tab and then write a tab of group.all_lights, group.all_switches, group.all_devices, etc. This will display each group and you will have to click on it to see each entity within that group though.

I’ve also tried this solution :-/

Unfortunately that was not working, I’m gonna re-try this solution, thanks!

Ok, so now I’ve got the default_view configured with what I wanted and a “system” group with:

    name : system
    icon: mdi:settings-outline
    view : true
    entities :
      - group.all_automations
      - group.all_devices
      - group.all_switches
      - group.all_lights

For this to work you’ve got to add this to the customize.yaml:

  hidden: false
  hidden: false
  hidden: false
  hidden: false

BUT, I’ve lost A LOT!

I can’t see anymore my differents Chromecasts, any of the sensors I’ve got ect…

If this is the route you are going to take, I think you will need to manually create groups for binary_sensors and sensors. Those are not automatically created.

So there is definitively no way to keep a view with ALL the devices in Homeassistant that is not the original default_view :frowning:

That’s so annoying :-/

I’m just a newbe user also. You have tapped the extent of my knowledge on this. Sorry.

As I’ve said many times already…

There is no way to do what you want.

As soon as you put something in a group it gets removed from the original default view automatically…

move to Lovelace and use the ‘monster card’. much easier and looks better too :slight_smile: