Hide or show different entity ID

Hi folks,

I am looking for any approach to modify the way my waste collection dates are showed in the dashboard.
I am catching the sensors generated by the HACS integration “waste collection shedule” via .ics file.
Unfourtunatly my local waste disposal service provides the naming of the collection schemes in a pretty ugly way by including a desctiption of the collection box shape.

Do you have any idea how i could rename the sensors or at least hide parts in the dashboard tile?

Thanks in advance.


It’s the state text that is the problem, not the entity ID. See my solution to a similar problem here:


great, that seems to be what i am looking for but i could not make it yet:

I just replaced ‘sensor.YOUR_SENSOR_ID’ by one of the waste collection sensors but the issue is still the same. Do i miss something?

You need to also replace the words you want to change.

For example, within that sensor template:

{% set rd = {"2-Rad Behaelter": "",
             "04-woechentl.": "4w",
             "02-woechentl.": "2w"} %}

You’ll have to choose what old text you want to replace with what new text. You can add as many new lines as you like.

It works perferct now!
Thanks a lot

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