Hide values in gauge card by modifying ccs styles

Might be an odd idea but can I use gauge card only as a graphic element and hide its sensor value? Following picture explains my efforts:


I am trying with style modifications by making the font size 0px but without success. For some reasons, the card does not react on these modifications.

style: |
  .value-text {
    font-size: 0px !important;

Are you using card mod? It should work with that

I tried both, with and without card mod. I don’t think that cardmod is necessary for such a tiny modification as I did it elsewhere, see this GUI optimized for a phone, which is filled by such modifications:

I think that the key might be to call the modification deeper in the structure by writing down the path of the subordinated objects, something like:

style: | 
   ha-gauge.text.value-text {
      font-size: 5px;

I am not a coder so this is just a deduced theory.