Hiding entities from the dev-state < > view

I’ve got too much junk in my dev-state view (one you get by clicking on < >). I have attempted hiding a bunch of sensors in the zwave config and also in the customize session, but no matter what I do they still show up in the dev-state view… Is there a way to get rid of them from here and from hass altogether?

no, you cant hide anything in the dev-state view. You can filter to find what you want

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Holy crap, I never noticed that after looking at this page hundreds of times! Thanks!

For Z-Wave specifically, you can select individual entities of a node in the Z-Wave control panel and ignore them by checking “Exclude this entity from Home Assistant”. This will prevent HA from even discovering the devices, so it’s more than just hiding them, they will be unusable. Devices like door sensors often have several entities that are not useful, so I ignore them this way.

Your configuration.yaml will need to include these lines in order to use the file created by the GUI.

  device_config: !include zwave_device_config.yaml

Or you can list them manually in the device_config section w/o using the GUI. See the docs.


Oh wow, I also didn’t know about device_config: . I was trying to do “Exclude this entity” but nothing was happening. I will try again with this. Thanks!

So I tried to add the !include, and the zwave_device_config.yaml file exists but still those zwave entities still show up in the dev-state<> view after a restart… Not sure what the exclude is actually achieving.

Do they show up as unknown? Ignoring them doesn’t delete them from the entity registry.

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Okay, a bit more detail now that I looked more closely. Some of them do hide successfully and those are listed in the zwave_device_config.yaml , but then there are some more that don’t show up at all in the entities list of the zwave control panel, but they do show up in the dev-state <> view as normal entities like so:

sensor.fibaro_system_fgs223_double_relay_alarm_level 0 node_id: 9 value_index: 1 value_instance: 1 value_id: 72057594194968593 power_consumption: 0 unit_of_measurement: friendly_name: FIBARO System FGS223 Double Relay Alarm Level hidden: true
sensor.fibaro_system_fgs223_double_relay_alarm_type 0 node_id: 9 value_index: 0 value_instance: 1 value_id: 72057594194968577 power_consumption: 0 unit_of_measurement: friendly_name: FIBARO System FGS223 Double Relay Alarm Type hidden: true

Any idea why that would happen? The reason I couldn’t hide them is because they simply weren’t listed in the zwave config…

Excluding an entity in the Z-Wave control panel will completely hide it from HA. It will not respond to events that happen on the Z-Wave network.

Configure -> Customization -> “Hide from UI” will just set the hidden attribute. That appears to hide it from the Z-Wave control panel also.

Note: I tested the hidden setting and I now I can’t unhide it. When I try to remove the hidden attribute via the UI and save, it isn’t removed. Nice…

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I think you were right that I hid them in my customize.yaml and then they were hidden in zwave but not in dev-state. I finally inserted the names of them directly into the zwave_device_config.yaml with a text editor and they finally disappeared also from the dev-state <> view, so I think they are finally done taking up resources…

And I greatly increased my understanding of some important fundamental concepts via this thread.

Thank you so much, you’ve been an invaluable help on the “black art” of z-wave on hass.