Hierarchical arrangement of Hass features (Automations, Rooms)


It is currently not possible to hierarchically classify different elements in home assistant: automations, rooms…

Having a certain number of automations, I would love to be able to organize them according to a hierarchy (folder / subfolders…) and make them easier to access rather than a big list (even colored tags would be a nice start ^^).

But more important, i would LOVE to be able to organize the rooms according to an overall hierarchy:

  • Home
    • Ground floor
      • Living room
      • Kitchen
      • Toilets
    • 1st floor
      • Bedroom 1
      • Bedroom 2
      • Toilets
      • Bathroom
    • Garden
      • Gate
      • etc.

This would make it possible to globally reassemble all the equipment on a floor, and to better distribute the devices!

How about this?