High CPU consumption

Hi all,

I am running Home Assistant on an older Intel NUC, I started to run into serious CPU ulilization issues (the system shows a constant ~60% CPU utilization). The below screenshot actually “only” shows ~40% for the homeassistant container, but often times it is higher.

I have tried to record with py-spy through the community SSH inside the container, but everytime I try that, everything freezes and the HA system reboots after about 2-3 minutes.

You can see when the system crashed when I tried to run py-spy (every time the line is linear, not irregular).

I was successful in running the profiler and it produced:

I hope I can pinpoint the issue, I am not sure when this occurred, but I discovered the problem recently when I noticed that the frontend is behaving increasingly sluggish.


I used to have an ONVIF camera connected - but i deactivated the integration quite a while ago.

I am stumped right now.
I tried to deactivate pretty much all integrations (with the exception of:)

No change - CPU consumption remains high…

Somehow it seems that the problem is getting worse with time - if the system runs for some time without reboot, it gets more and more sluggish. I have tried deactivating a bunch of Add-Ons in the meantime, still no effect…

Probably an integration. All must be deactivated to confirme they’re not the cause.

I managed to analyze the cprof file with snakeviz.

The diagram would suggest that sensor.py is eating up quite a bit of CPU power - at least that is how I interpret this.