Hikvision DS-HD1 NVR motion

I recently bought a DS-HD1 video doorbell primarily because of the ONVIF capability, and the fact that I can connect it to my NVR. Which should give me the ability to record to the NVR, and use the binary sensors from the hikvision integration.

Well, I got everything installed and set up using the hik-connect app, and I was able to add the doorbell to my NVR as well. The issue I’m having is I can not get the NVR to record motion events.

All of my other cameras record motion events just fine, and the sensors are visible and working in HA. The motion sensor for the doorbell is visible in HA, but it never changes states. And, even when motion occurs at the front door (I am notified through the hik-connect app, and can view motion playback events from the camera itself using the sd card) the NVR motion is never triggered, so the NVR doesn’t record the doorbell feed. If I set the doorbell to continuously record, it does record to the NVR. But I was really hoping to use the motion sensor for some automations.

My goal is to stream the doorbell feed on my TV when motion is detected. I’ve tested the automation and it works fine if I manually set the sensor to ‘on’ or execute the automation.

Has anyone worked with this doorbell or something similar? Looking for any advice on what to try. Thanks in advance.

To anyone else who has the same issue, I was able to get it working with the NVR by changing the connection protocol from ‘hikvision’ to ONVIF. Now it’s recording to the NVR, and the motion binary sensor is working for the doorbell.