Hildebrand Glow/MQTT How is export handled?

I have only just setup my Glow IHD. Very (very, very) impressed!
But I am puzzled by how/if my electricity export readings are processed.
Firstly, there are numbers in my SMETS2 meter (EDMI ES-10b). Hunting through the IHD (v1.9.1) menus, I have been unable to find an Export field. However, there is an export field (zeros?) in the MQTT stream:

"supplier":"Octopus Energy",

Is there a problem between my ES-10b and the IHD?

Best regards, Martin

EDIT looking at my mqtt explorer, the export cumulative has a value in mine. Might be worth emailing Hildebrand, they are very helpful.

I’m using this custom component, it gives an export energy sensor and a power sensor that is negative when exporting