History and Logbook page customizations

Some Sensor and Device tracker may show useless information. For example; Time or Weblinks
These show as clutter in the history page.

Would like to see ability to treat logbook and history as State pages where groups may be specified.
This or some flag in yaml that would enable/disable display on History or Logbook page

A flag to disable entities from appearing in history and/or logbook would be great!

On a larger installation with many Z-Wave devices the history and logbook are almost useless. The History page in particular shows every entity whether you use it or not.

For example, a Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Monitor exposes no less than 12 entities when typically only 3-4 of them are actually used. This fills the History page with useless graphs and also puts a entry in the logbook every single time the Volts, Amps, or Watts change. Depending on how often the device is configured to report usage, a single day’s logbook may have several hundred entries.

If a per entity customization was available to exclude said entity from history and/or the logbook, it would be great. And likely also improve performance of the History page loading. It currently takes upwards of 2 minutes for a History page to load on my system. (server is Ubuntu VM running on a i3 with 8GB).

Being able to filter the history page would also be a good addition.

hey @mchinery, @stevenwm @tmjpugh

This RFE was partially introduced by PR https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/3426

We still need to work on history entries but logbook it is there. We might also need to create a whitelist option as well.