History-Graph card - Data disappears?

I am using the History-Graph card to monitor my attic temperatures in different zones. In the images below the entity values are from temperature sensors running ESPHome.

In the first image the data is graphing as expected.

BUT, If I do anything, for example edit the card, or leave the panel and come back, the data disappears.

Any ideas where in my configuration should I be looking?

Are your sensors excluded from the recorder?

They are specifically included:

  auto_purge: true #default: true

  # Keep all entity history for 90 days
  purge_keep_days: 90
        - sensor.freezer_temperature_c
        - sensor.xiaomi_mi_1_temperature
        - sensor.xiaomi_mi_1_temperature_celsius
        - sensor.solar_battery
        - sensor.solar_temperature
        - sensor.kasa_smartplug_today_s_consumption
        - sensor.thermometer_x2_temperature_1f
        - sensor.thermometer_x2_temperature_2f
        - sensor.thermometer_x2_temperature_1c
        - sensor.thermometer_x2_temperature_2c

It’s the last four entites in the configuration code above.