History graph out of sync (bug report)

Error - out of sync due to different scaling. I have been observing this problem for a long time, several months and it does not disappear.


  - entity: sensor.voltage
  - entity: binary_sensor.power
hours_to_show: 72
refresh_interval: 60
title: Напряжение
type: history-graph

Interesting pick… so the history graph y-axis labels results in the x-axis being compressed a tad to the right, so it doesn’t line up with the x-axis in the binary graph. Agreed… there is room for improvement there. However, should the fix be done at the cost of the y-legend, or at the cost of resolution on the binary graph? I’d say the latter… this is the kind of thing the devs will think when you bring this up.

As a side note, I notice the same slightly annoying thing in grafana. At least in grafana though, you can move graphs around and scale them in the x direction to get the axis close to aligned. Having them aligned perfectly could be useful… for example I have a more compelling presentation explaining to my kids how we heat the outside/cool the inside when we leave the slider open during winter.

Will wait https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer/issues/3707