History Graph showing two formats?

I have two Aeotec Multisensor 6. Both delivery temperature, but I get this display on my history graph - can’t work out what’s wrong. Why does one show the graph and the other a bar???

One has a unit of measurement and the other doesn’t?

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There’s a legend for both on the graph as well but he hasn’t posted the full config (it’s cut off) so…

Not sure how that’s configured - I’ve tried to find a difference between the two configs, but can’t see it - any places I should check?

and now I just reloaded Haas and noticed that temperature for WIne Cellar was reporting a value in the graph, but while I look for differences, the single graph splits back to a bar and single graph???

That legend comes and goes, for example now it’s missing and this is it

It was the full config - that’s all there is

How do they look in the history page?

Not sure which one this is, but I have this and then below it shows

The right hand side is cut off.

No it’s not - that all on the right hand side, no horizontal scroll bar - now this appeared

In your first post your configuration is cut off.

Good lord.

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From the raw config editor

  - entities:
      - entity: sensor.aeon_labs_zw100_multisensor_6_temperature_2
        name: Wine Cellar
      - entity: sensor.aeon_labs_zw100_multisensor_6_temperature
        name: Dining Room
    title: Temperatures
    type: history-graph

when those 2 entities show in your gui, do they both have units?

That temperatures card is the entire GUI I see for those. Looking at the entity registry I have

so not sure I understand by ‘do they have unit?’

and now that GUI card is showing this

showing the Wine Cellar with a bit of a blue line. It’s constantly changing and I’m not doing anything

If you go into dev tools does one of those show as unavailable? Normally a _2 postfix means it’s the same entity re-detected and not a new different sensor…

They have different node ids and values

and in the OZW logs they are returning data. I added the first one a couple of weeks ago and just added in the second one today, so assumed the _2 suffix was what it did for a same type sensor when it detects it

Ok so if you just added it there won’t be any history… the squiggle to the right seems to be the new sensor cutting in now. What is constantly changing?

Well it cut in once before, then went away again. I just refreshed the overview page and the Wine Cellar legend and graph went away, although the bar stays.

Really appreciate your time, I have to run now - but if you have any things I can try, please let me know. I’m pretty new to all this.