History Markers/Notes

I’ve looked all over so hopefully I’m not missing this feature somewhere. I would like to see an ability to add a “marker” to the history that can be displayed along with any of the other history views.

For example, I have an ESPHome in my RV monitoring temperature and humidity. I placed a dehumidifier out there and would like to be able to click a button to add a note to the history marking when I turned the dehumidifier on. That way I can better see how things have changed since that moment.


So something like this?

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 17-10-11 Administration - Home Assistant

Rather than you manually placing a marker, you graph when the dehumidifier is on, on the same graph as your humidity sensor.

This requires a custom card that supports graphing binary sensors and sensors on the same graph. The core History Graph card can’t do this.

Apexcharts can.

So can the min-graph-card.

This does look like a solution to accomplish what my example. In my case the dehumidifier is “dumb” and not connected to HA, but I could accomplish this with a virtual switch.

Personally I think it would still be nice to have an easy way to add an arbitrary, timestamped note to the history table.

Thank you

Did you ever find a good solution for this? I actually want to do something similar that couldn’t be solved with a simple on/off toggle.

I’m tracking noise levels with a sound level meter and want to annotate a graph with what kinds of things were happening at the time – traffic, gardeners, mainteance work, etc. I can keep the list of events elsewhere if necessary, but getting it into a graph in HA would be really nice.