History not showing for non-numeric entitiies after 2024.6.4

I updated from 2024.5.2 and suddenly all non-numeric entities do not show history anymore. It used to show a bar, with different values (in different colours).It worked before the upgrade, and in the release notes I cannot find anything that relates to this.
Not sure where to begin to find out what is wrong here, is it a setting, is it a bug (and should be reported, but why does nobody else reports this then) or is it an intended change?

Grateful for some directions here.

Anything in your logs?

After running for a while, are you seeing any history again?

What are your recorder settings?

Thanks for the reply, it has solved itself, but not how I expected.
There was nothing in the logs, and also after some time nothing changed. Thats why I didnt know what was wrong. There was more going wrong (no Uom on certain cards, some energy readings did not follow the accuracy settings etc.), but I didn’t see any connection between all these problems. I had restarted HA several times, checked all kind of settings, went through all the add-ons and integrations. But I couldnt find anything, that looked wrong.

Then I looked on my phone in the app, and there everything was normal … So it had to do with my Chromebook. I decided to restart that, and now it’s all solved. Weird …

How is your HA installed? If e.g. HA Core, then it can take a while to compile some dependencies and restarting HA during that time will interrupt the process.

Its running on its own dedicated Rpi4, in a standard install from an SSD. I don’t think it was a compiling issue, but it might be. Just happy it is solved now, all looks ‘pretty’ again now.

Maybe there was a VACUUM command running…

Glad it’s resolved though.