History shows only 2D graphs, no bars

Hi, I’m on 2021.5.3 and as far as I know everything is working fine. However, some time in the last day or two my history tab has stopped showing the long list of “bar charts” I’m used to seeing for all my entities. Now the only thing on the history page is the 2D charts for those entities whose output is measured in volts, degrees, or %.

If I manually select any of the other entities in the drop down box at the top, it does show up and the data seems fine. But with no entities selected all I get are three charts for %, C, and V.

I can’t find anything on this in other community topics, has anyone else seen it or know what I might have done to cause this?


Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

I hadn’t, but did just now. That did not help.

By playing with the time range I can find a specific day (last Friday) and time, before which the bars are shown, after which, no bars. I am fairly sure that at that time I added a new custom integration which added two new devices with several new entities each. The integration is for fully kiosk. Given that many of the entities are not of interest and were creating a lot of noise in the logbook, I disabled several of them. My guess right now is that either the new entities, or my disabling them, has somehow affected the history display.

How did you disable them?

By disabling the entities in the UI or by excluding them from the logbook using yaml?

Disabling the entities in the UI under Configuration / Entities

What happens if you re-enable these entities?

Are there any database errors in your system log?

Source: components/system_log/__init__.py:190
First occurred: 4:51:29 PM (10 occurrences)
Last logged: 6:56:36 PM

https://myhost/frontend_latest/chunk.27fd72e0ede7e3297345.js:179:939 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'attributes' of undefined

Rather than re-enable the entities I added them to configuration.yaml history / exclude / entities and restarted. The history page now is back to looking right, showing all the entities. But if I set the time frame to before that change, I get only the 2D charts again.