History Stats Documentation has mysterious note at end

At the bottom of the doc for the History Stats sensor

There is this seemingly helpful note:

“The /developer-tools/template page of your Home Assistant UI can help you check if the values for start , end or duration are correct. If you want to check if your period is right, just click on your component, the from and to attributes will show the start and end of the period, nicely formatted.”

But what does it mean “just click on your component” ? Nothing is clickable on that page.

I want to do exactly what that note offers to help with - I want to check the start value.

that might be referring to the developers-tools/states page, not the templates page.

That might be a typo.

click on your created history-stats sensor and it should show your start time in the attributes. I think…I don’t use the history-stats sensor anywhere but that’s what makes sense to me.

I think that you are right that they mean the states page. I reread the text and I see “…the from and to attribute will show the start and end…”

But alas, no help because the history stats state does not have from and to attributes.

I’ve decided to be happy with this workaround: I copy the template text out of the history stats configuration, and paste it into the developer-tools/template page. Then I can see what the note promises.