History tab, Can't you pick more than one entity?

I was just going to see why automations has fired the way they did and figured I could use the history tab to see what the all states was at the time but to my surprise you could not pick more than one entity.
Is that correct or did I miss something?

When you open the tab it shows all entities, it would be nice to be able to pick a few to have on screen at the same time.

No, you’re not missing anything. Only one entity can be selected at a time. I tried pasting in a list. No go.

The automation trace should show you the state of the entities involved though.

Yes but that only gives me that automation.
I need a wider range where one automation does something that another uses and so on.
And the trace is only at that specific time, I would like to see what happened 5 minutes prior.

A history graph card will do it.

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That is actually a fairly good workaround.