Hive - Help!

Hi All,

I’m struggling with getting hive integrated.

I tried getting help in another post but it went dead.

I run through the two factor authentication and it still notes it can’t Auth

Any ideas?

By hive, you are referring to hive mqtt? I don’t use it but have you tried with mqtt explorer to log into the server, does that work?

Thanks for your reply.

No I mean Hive home heating.

Are you on HA 2022.7.6 +

If so, remove the integration, restart and re-add the integration.

Also, are you using the custom component or the official one ?

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I’ve tried both HACS and official. Still no joy.

Just now updating to 2022.8.0

Well updating to the latest os worked.

Providing I don’t loose access to the app like I used to that’s it.