Hive Home US Thermostat and Devices

I have an extensive collection of Hive Home devices. If you have Hive, you know that at the end of November 2021 we will be cut off.

I tried several hubs and Zigbee devices and they all had problems with the Hive stuff…. Mainly around the thermostats.

Here is what I have and the setup that works perfect.

2 Hive Active Hest/cool thermostats
Several active plugs
Several door sensors
More light bulbs that I care to count.

I configured a Raspberry Pi with HAAS and purchased a CC2351 stick and flashed it with Zigbee 1.2 20190425.

At first I could not get the thermostats to register and discover properly directly to the CC2351 coordinator.

Here is the key to making them work PERFECTLY in Home Assistant using the ZHA plugin.

First, pair your active plugs with the CC2351 coordinator. The active plug is the key as it somehow magically speaks Hive’s Zigbee 3.0 talk.

In my setup, I paired only one plug directly to the coordinator.

From there, I paired the thermostats, plugs, sensors, and lights off of the active plug.

Each and every device was detected and identified. Every device works perfect and I have no “network errors” like I was getting with other Zigbee hubs.

I hope this helps someone. I am thrilled to be able to use my stuff directly!