HKC Alarm (Ireland)

Hi there,

Has anyone here got experience working with HKC Alarm panels. I’m based in Ireland and they are very, very common here. It’s a closed system as far as I can tell, with no local API or developer options available.

I’m speaking to Konnected about their integration kit, but I wanted to check with this group if anyone has a more native integration solved which retains the existing keypads etc.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Chris, I’ve looked into this a fair bit but HKC actively push to ensure no 3rd party integration on their platform. If you are using an older panel 8/12 or 6/10, I have reverse engineered a good chunk of the serial protocol and there has also been a project to emulate a keypad using an Arduino and ethernet sheild. All these older panels have a green backlight to the keypads.
Their newer ones (with a blue backlight) is the 10/70 family and this is where they changed all the protocols. Up to firmware version 3 it was possible but much harder. Since firmware version 4 they have encrypted the serial communication. It is possible to send a dummy data packet over the serial and get an active log event which could possibly be used to make a home assistant integration. Assa Abloy bought out HKC a few years back and they won’t entertain the conversation of linking with 3rd party equipment.

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Thanks so much for the comprehensive response! I’ll check in on the model number of the HKC alarm panel.

Have you used Konnected with HKC alarms? I can see from that a number of people have managed to do it, I’m just not clear on the part list to extend the HKC with Konnected.

Hi Jamie - any chance you have this posted somewhere to have a look at? I would be interested in giving this a try. I too was/am considering a connected kit, but would give a shot to interfacing with the existing with an arduino if I could.