Hlk-dio16 how to connect homeassistant

anybody know hlk-dio16 how to connect home assistant please need your help
only hlk-sw16 in homeassistant
please update hlk-dio16

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could you connect the HLK-DIO16?

How to connect please send details

i have one but don’t know how to use it with homeassistant, hlk-sw16 worked perfectly but not hlk-dio16. Hope someone will help

I too want to use HLK-DIO16. It is MODBUS compatible. Does this compatibility mean an easier way to integrate into home-assistant? Is there someplace on this forum where MODBUS compatibility is “mapped” to home -assistant workings. I just joined home-assistant and will look for this.

I took delivery of two of these and can’t seem to figure out how to communicate with it. Google search very limited. Waiting to hear from Hi-Link who makes it. Free “packetsender” I can send string, get blank response (not NO response) but that is as far as I go. Google search one person said this device DOES NOT offer modbus over tcp, but "does have their own protocol). Very sketchy, though. Anybody?

Hi, I wrote the HLK-SW16 integration, if someone here can set up remote access(I only have 2 HLK-SW16 devices myself at the moment) I can investigate if the HLK-DIO16 can also be made to work.

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Hi Jameshillard,
i have a coulple of HLK-DIO 16 and can manage to give you remote access to my home assistant

Yeah, PM me the access info to one I can play around with and I’ll try and take a look when I have some time. Port forwarding the HLK-DIO16 is probably the easiest way to set up remote access, ssh to a linux system on the same network also works.

Hi Jameshillard,
Have you received my PM?

Come on guys you CAN DO IT!!. We are all waiting and counting on YOU!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Hello, what’s the good news about HLK-DIO16

i have 2 devices, if someone can connect it, i can send one for free to do the configuration.

I think so, have been somewhat swamped with work last few weeks so haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, will take a look whenever I get some time.

Can you send me your address and full name in PM i’ll send you the device.

Sure, I PM’d it to you. Not sure when I’ll get some time to look at it, hopefully the protocol is similar to the HLK-SW16 or some other device that already has a home-assistant integration as that would make things fairly quick.

Hello, is there any progress on this project

Well I don’t think @mehdi38 got around to sending me one for testing, I’ve mostly been migrating the hlk-sw16 client to use config flow at the moment.

hello, I have a HLK-DIO.but I have no way to sending it to you. I can fully cooperate with you. Provide the data you want. I have some information about it,Hopefully it will work as well as the HLK-SW

Oh, @mehdi38 just mailed me one. My config flow pull request was also merged.