HLKRadarTool : unable to create zone

Screenrecording https://youtu.be/WObkxQwXlh0

I’m unable to create a zone whatever sensor I use, I got it to work a while ago with a LD2450, but trying new one, but I can’t set a zone

this has nothing to do with ESPHome, HLKRadarTool connects to LD2450 over Bloetooth…
i’d just try to reset the sensor and try again

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Only the LD2450 supports zones.
I would try doing a factory restore and trying it again.

Also depending on which YAML config you use for ESPHome for the LD2450, will determine how you define the zones.

A number of the YAML configs available have the zones set in the config and HA and not via the HLKRadarTool app.

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Yes that exactly what I thought, I’m trying using another code thanks