Hoass on pi3...but wirth octoprint installed

I’ve octoprint installed on a pi3… I would like to add hoass supervisor installation without changes…

It’s possible?..there is a post on octoprint forum is written wich all the servers octo e hoass… use port 80… it’s true? for me no…but…I ask to community


I wouldn’t recommend it personally. I used to run solely HA on a Pi3 and it was adequate initially but ultimately I had to upgrade hardware as my setup got more complex. Adding Octoprint to the load seems like it would make it iffy to begin with, plus the risk of Octoprint ever having issues and messing up a print.

There are several reasons why I want to risk installing it on pi3… I don’t print very often. and with home Assistant I would only have to connect the stove, the audio ds of the synology nas and alexa.
The rest of the home automation is managed by other applications

therefore, excluding poor hardware power… is it possible to install homeassistant in a pi3 with the octoprint server already present?

In any case… If I find that the hardware is not sufficient I will work to change it

Thank you

To install HAOS you have to re-flash the SD card, so the answer to your question is no.

However, there’s nothing stopping you installing Home Assistant in Docker (aka HA Container) - you don’t get add-ons, but they’re just software running in special containers for HAOS.

One key question - WHICH RPi3?

The HASS installation instructions should be more specific than “Raspberry Pi 3 is ok too” as the RPi3a a different beast from the RPi3b.

The RPi3A+ has 512Mb of RAM. HASOS has a realistic minimum requirement of 1Gb of RAM, and really needs 2Gb+. Trying to run on a RPi3A+ will only burn a hole in your storage as HASS will continuously swap memory to disk.

Even with a RPi3b, I’d suggest memory may well be an issue if you attempt to run a new host OS, docker, Octoprint container, HASS container and any add-ons (ESPhome compiles would be really slow).

An additional RPi seems a lot cheaper than the time needed to manually sys admin everything on one device (e.g. port mapping TCP 80 / TCP 8123 from the docker internal LAN, helping Octoprint find the HASS MQTT server). You will learn a lot from the experience though!

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If it was just for testing to see how you get on with HA. Just find another SD card and do a trial install and see how it works etc. If doing it as a production setup you might be able to use proxmox with HA and Octoprint installed. Not sure how a pi3 will cope with that though.

But a better solution might be running ha in a vm on windows or mac depending on what you use.

now I ve hoass started in a docker container in my nas synology…hoass core of course…

But with the hoass core I cannot intall addon…I cannot use node red… (I installed nodered in another docker container…e I don’t know if i can connect nodered to hoass in this configuration) and I cannot to conect hoass to alexa…

somebody says me it’s better hoass supervisor…and if it is true then I must find another hardware…

I have… nas (but with 2 gb ram I cannot install virtual machine)…a rasberry pi3 (I don’t know if A or B)…and a android tv box…and un Note 9 smartphone samsung

I saw wiki for install on android the hoass

HA on Android also won’t have add-ons

The only way to get add-ons is with Home Assistant OS.

You can absolutely get HA Core and Node Red talking, and there’s plenty of places to get help with that. Heck, two seconds on Google found me some guides and I’m sure there’s more.

I tried…but bad result