Home Assistant App on Huawei P40 pro

Hello everyone, I went from a Huawei Mate 10 Pro (with all google services) to a Huawei P40 Pro (with Huawei proprietary services) unfortunately the app no ​​longer works, I also installed all the google services, changing the mobile phone, all apps work regularly now except Home Assistant (from browser works perfectly), when I try to log in by entering my credentials I receive the following error: "The application could not be registered. Check that you have mobile_app integration enabled on your Home instance Assistant ". This integration is enabled because it sees the other smartphones and for a couple of days also the tracker entity of the new one, but nothing to do, I can’t use it. Do you have any advice? Thank you very much


On my mediapad M6 this problem too.
Android 10, Google service is installed

same situation for me. maybe firebase push related?
If it helps for the time being this one still works:

Yes, it works, but the tracker and the custom button do not go … I would like to know why, even by entering the google services, the p40 pro still does not work … that the play store that everything else … what could it be that block operation?

I guess some dependency to firebase or whatever. That might result in an uncaught exception which the developers haven’t anticipated. Just a wild guess. I have neither the code nor the time to debug it. We are unfortunately stuck with it. For tracking I am using owntracks anyway…

Are you using a smartphone without google services? Let’s say that on the location I had built some automations and now I am forced to disable them because of this thing.
I can no longer use geolocation or the tracker and it disturbs me.

I thought I was alone with this problem.
Also got P40 Pro with Google services installed.
App is not working.

I have the same problem with p40 lite with Google services installed!

Same issue here.

Did any of the devs got chance to take a look at it maybe?

Does the minimal version of the app install and work?

What do you mean by minimal to be precise?

What works is: installing HA 2.5.0-full from Google Play and logging into HA (autodetected by app in same WiFi).
After providing credentials, when app tries to register in HA, there’s this error:
"The application could not be registered. Check that you have mobile_app integration enabled on your Home instance Assistant "
and you can either “Skip” (which is alerted as no-notification way) or tap “Retry” which causes same error to show miliseconds after the tap.

If you see this pop up then you’re device will not do notifications.

And that’s exactly the issue-question, because other apps are able to do firebase-based notifications while companion can’t. One difference I see between is only the lack of Google Pay. Google protect and all others stuff works.
Is it something that could be fixed?

If your device fails the firebase check then we can’t do anything. This is why the pop up exists and why the minimal version of the app exists.

Hi @dshokouhi , I am into the same issue here. I understand that if the device fails the Firebase check, HA won’t be able to send Firebase-based notifications.

But I’m just wondering, is there a plan to integrate other notification platforms? Like the one in HMS? Since the US is escalating the bans, and the rise of HMS, there will be more and more mobile devices that do not use Firebase. Thanks!

we are open source, anyone can come by and add it

I believe that HUAWEI already provide the HMS tool kit for any GMS device conversion to HMS… Hope the will be effort from HA team to explore for more for HUAWEI devices user soon. Look forward to see Home Assistant app in AppGallery too someday.

we are all volunteers and most of the contributors like myself don’t have a Huawei device so we won’t be able to test on that. Not to mention if we switch from firebase it will be to switch to a universal solution and not one designated by a manufacturer. We use Firebase as Google ships android its very easy to use and majority of android users have firebase.