Home Assistant Blue arriving 12/30. Restore or start clean?

My Home Assistant Blue is supposed to be delivered 12/30. I’m wondering if I should do a restore from snapshot or just start clean. Over time my automations have grown and I am sure they are not done in the most efficient way. I tried to avoid any duplication but I don’t have optimization currently.

I was hoping to view some of the automation talks from the recent Home Assistant conference but they have not posted to YouTube yet. These may have given me some ideas on how to reduce the number of automations down. I was particularly interested in Thomas’ talk as it mentioned this. My current kitchen lighting is a mess with automations stepping on each other for sunset, motion, time of day etc.

I currently am using the web based automation editor for everything. When I started out with Home Assistant I used yaml only and loved that for the elegant complexity with a split configuration. I can’t remember why but I switched to the web ui automation editor. I think that was revealed as the way forward for Home Assistant. I still see though in the forum most people are posting raw yaml automations.

Thanks for guidance!

It’s really hard to answer the big question of restoring or starting over. That’s really a personal preference but there is no way i would start from scratch with my set up right now.

If you think your automations are an issue the I would just start trying to re-work the problem automations and allow everything else to continue working as is. Once you fix that/those automation(s) then move on to the next one.

as far as yaml is concerned I still use it for everything I can unless I’m forced to use the gui. The devs really played up the GUI editors but even at this stage they are still a bit lacking even tho they have improved quite a bit. Most experienced users still use yaml.

The reason why we want others to still post their config in yaml is that it’s easier to see errors and if there is a correction to be made it saves the one helping from needing to completely write out the code by hand instead of just copying the OP, fixing it and pasting it back.

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I’m in the same boat of indecision on whether to get my Blue integrated into my system as a restore of my current VMWare-based setup or start “fresh”.

I have Hubitat and Hue hubs in my system, all of my non-Hue devices are paired to Hubitat and then piped into HA via the excellent HACS Hubitat Integration. Most of my rules/automations are in Node-RED (so easy enough to export/import)

I received the Blue yesterday, it’s up and running on network and just waiting for me to decide, I’m leaning towards a clean install :slight_smile:

I got mine yesterday as well. The device looks beautiful. Mine is not plugged in yet as I was to use the same IP address as the old install. I’m leaning towards a restore from snapshot then make any improvements to the automations over time.

My old install is a Proxmox VM.