Home Assistant broken - what to do next?

I’m not sure how this happened, but my home assistant is largely non-functional. It started a couple of days ago when my Bluetooth randomly stopped working. A host reboot fixed that. But now more things have failed

Some integrations has stopped working (Shelly, TV)

Some addons (e.g. File Editor, Terminal) give this error:
Some configuration pages (e.g. Addons, Backups) give this error

The Network configuration gives this error:

Observer looks happy

YAML check passes, but restarting (YAML or Host) does nothing.

System Health link provided by the ‘Could not load the Supervisor panel!’ error help page comes up blank.

I’ve checked the logs, but nothing I could identify as damaging to the whole system.
There was an update, which was attempted but I’m still on the old version (2023.02.5) with no notification to update to the latest version (2023.03.x).
I do have backups on an external drive, but no way to use them. Both the Backups page and SSH&Terminal Addon give errors. SSH from another machine gives a connection refused error, so maybe I don’t have external access turned on (who knows? I can’t access the addon). This also means I can’t do ha core rebuild.

So what’s next? Is it worth sharing my logs? Perhaps someone else can see my problem. Or shall I do a fresh install?

P.S. This is on a Raspberry Pi4, with home assistant OS installed.

Hardware, SD Card corruption, power supply issues? Can you rebuild on a new SD card?

Silly me, I forgot the final ‘fix’. I pulled the power and that seems to have fixed things for now. But you’re right, something basic is wrong. I wonder if I should move over to a new SD card (or a better storage solution).

Might want to check

And creating a monthly SD card image backup (for example rotating through 3 identical high-quality SD cards) can provide a backup if an SD card fails (just drop back to the last working SD card).

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Only good long-term solution is to switch to SSD. Pi4 can handle that without problems.

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