Home Assistant - chrome: issues with Webcam image since 0.84.x


hi all,

since I’ve been upgrading to the 0.84.x version of home-assistant I have a strange issue with my webcam image on chrome.
the relevant configuration is:


it worked really nice and since this update I have the issue that after the login and after hitting refresh the webcam image is not being shown.

After changing another group of homeassistant-elements and returning to the main page it works well!
No Console log output in chrome
No long network connectivity issues in chrome

Chrome 71.0.3578.98 on different devices - does not work
Chrome Mobile (on Android 9) 71.0.3578.98 - does not work
Chrome Mobile Dev (on Android 9) - does not work
Firefox 64.0 - works
Firefox Mobile (on Android 9) 64.01 - works
Edge @1809 works too ^^

For normal my homeassistant is located behind an nginx reverse proxy setup - for this test I’ve tried the direct (http:8123) and the nginx-way (https:reverseproxy)



I have the same issue with foscam camera, first image will appear only when scrolling page down and up again or change group and go back.


you are my hero… I thought I am the only one who is affected…
Maybe some more? Any ideas how to debug this?..


No You’re not crazy. This started happening to me as well.
Only appears to be an issue within Chrome browser so far.


ok well - but still walking in darkness… is there anyone available who can give a hint where to look for the solution / debugging possibilities?


Using new homeassistant lovelace ui issue seems solved


hi @luca.mingardi - thanks for sharing - I can agree - this does not happen with lovelace ui enabled… but this is not very nice as it is not the default view currently… really annoying