Home Assistant Cloud Question

Hi Everyone,
first post and really enjoying HASS so far.Thanks to all for their contribution to this fantastic project. Able to find my war around with all posts and articles but have a question that I can’t figure out and sorry if it has been already asked.
To make a long story short, I have installed it, works fine. Integrated my car, some cameras and other things. Can start the engine, lock the doors … that all fine. Signed up with NabuCasa to have my Alexa devices integrated and devices are synced.
I have a Legrand light system that can’t seem to be available yet in the integration and I was wondering how can I add them to the HA main page and create switches to control them. It is working with Alexa, I can control them by voice and I can see it from the cloud sync devices.
In general how can you add / control alexa compatible devices that are discovered / synced in hacloud and that can’t be integrated in HA on the HA mainpage & hadashboard ?
Thanks for your help


maybe it’s just a semantics thing but…

I’m not sure what this means.

they are discovered but you can’t add them via an integration?

Where do you see them being discovered?

I don’t see any “legrand” integration listed in the integration section.

Thanks Finity for your reply.
Rereading my topic and indeed might not be really clear. I was a bit also but did some research and correct if I am wrong but the NabuCase sync is a one way only. Mainly for using with Alexa for exemple things managed by HA and where there are no skill for in the Alexa store.
My question was in other word, I have a light system for which there is a skill and I manage it with Alexa and it’s app, was it possible to show it to HA ? But I guess I have answered my own question already with the One way only.
As long as I don’t integrate it with HA then it can’t be used in HA and I can’t create light switchs in the HAdashboard right ?


As far as I understand it that’s correct.