Home Assistant Companion Android App: New Features

You need to import your certificate. Keep in mind the docs link to a Google support site, depending on the device you have the steps and terminology may differ.


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Tried that, on my LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) Tablet, is it somewhat different but I understand the method of working.

The HA App still refuses to accept and does not start… :cry:

It would be so much easier if an option is available in the HA App to disable the certificate check…

Lineage OS…ok switch from the stock webview to Android System Webview and see if that fixes it.

How do I do that?

I changed the Developer options --> WebView-implemantation --> AOSP WebView to Chrome Stable, with no result.

it needs to be android system webview, check that it is installed as a system app. I dont use lineage OS so you may need to spend some time googling how to do it. Others have been successful at making this change in the past.

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Okay… I will give it a shot when I have more time. Thank you for your responds, it’s appreciated!

First, thank you for this great app.
While everything work great and all choosen sensors show up, I can’t find a way to get the sensor.call_number to show up. I’ve reinstalled the app with all permissions including the call log. I’ve found a web post at ZDNET saying that Google restricts which android apps can request the call log. If this is unavailable now, maybe it should be remove from the official Companion doc or is there a way around it.

This is a beta feature. The companion docs also mention it is a beta feature


Edit: the google play beta is behind our release schedule so you can grab the beta APK off github which is available to all users and has the same signature as the google play store

I can see that it’s been removed from last beta due to policy changes at Google.

yes however there is a workaround for it…Last Notification…you can use it with the phone app to get the caller number :slight_smile:

Thank, I will try

Is there a way to add the orientation sensor?
Because in a lot of automations it would be useful to see if the phone is just laying around or if i pick it up at night for example to turn on some night light.

I was wondering why this basic sensor is not available.

because nobody else thought it was important enough to submit a feature request on github?