Home Assistant crashed while uploading firmware via ESPHome

Hello everyone,

my Home Assistance instance has been running quite stable in the past year or so, and suddenly, today, when i tried to upload firmware from ESPHome dashboard to ESP32, home assistant crashed completely, leaving the system inaccessible.
I SSH’ed into the Home Assistant and issuing “ha core stats” i was getting error

Error: Container homeassistant is not running

I started the container however my SSH Session was frozen at that point while “Processing…” is being displayed, at that time i discovered that SSH session became inaccessible too and from it appears, WebUI completely stopped responding to requests.

Physical reboot was required at that point, however i would like assistance investigating what caused the crash to occur in the first place.
Unfortunately logs don’t say anything really and i can’t seem to find supervisor logs from previous boot.

Is there any chance i can get deeper into what happened?