Home Assistant crashes and becomes unresponsive due to intel wifi driver crash

Hello All,
I have a particular issue which makes my Home Assistant system basically useless.

The HAOS crashes with error message saying “microcode SW error detected, Restarting 0x0.” However, the system does not reboot and is stuck. The HA is currently running on AMD Mini PC. When the system is unreachable, I would connect this miniPC to a monitor to check the state. I would see a lot of iwlwifi errors post that microcode SW error.

I have logged a bug anyways here > Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 firmware causing system crash and halt · Issue #2784 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

Asking the community here if they have found any workaround on this? Even after implementing the workaround mentioned in the bug tracker and getting the HAOS updated to the latest one, the problem remains.
I have a dual boot system with Windows 11. Fast boot is disabled.

Current State:
Home Assistant 2023.10.5
Supervisor 2023.10.0
Operating System 11.0
Frontend 20231005.0 - latest