Home Assistant crashes Google Chrome

I have a really strange issue: I just moved my HA from RPi to NUC which worked out fine. But when I access HA with Chrome from my MacBook, Chrome shows the user login and when I click “save login” it crashes. Every time. On my iMac it doesn’t. It works fine with Safari and Firebox, just on Chrome on my MacBook. Both system run the same macOS and Chrome version. I already emptied the cache but that didn’t change a thing. Any other ideas from the forum? :thinking:

Delete cookies & website data?

Did all that. I even completely uninstalled Chrome, emptied the trash, restarted. Same thing.

Weird. I’m using chrome on PC, iPhone and Macbook Pro… no issues for me…

Could it be a Chrome extension? I know you already mentioned reinstall so probably not, but if you’re using chrome sync they may get re-installed from your profile, AND they can also be enabled or disabled per Chrome instance (e.g. I’ve got a slightly different set of plugins enabled on my work pc vs. home Mac, same profile, and if I install a new one it will initially show up on both).

The strange thing is that it worked fine when HA was on the RPi.
I just removed every extension that I had installed but it still crashes. It’s really strange, I rarely have issues like that. It’s probably something very simple…but what? :confused:

Try it under incognito mode and see if it crashes?

You can also try removing your chrome profile and start from scratch

Failing that, I find Firefox is faster and uses less RAM at least on my laptop :slight_smile:

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Ah, it works in Incognito mode! Maybe there is some Google stuff which hangs around even after deinstallation…

yep even if you remove the main chrome program files/uninstall chrome; your user profile remains on your system.


i’m not sure if you’re on Mac, Windows or Linux but have a look on google/DDG on how to ‘remove chrome user profile’ and see if that stops the crashing

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SUCCESS!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Deleting the Chrome user profile and reinstalling it was the trick. Thanks!!


No problem, glad you managed get it working again :slight_smile: