Home Assistant Docker on Windows

Ok… I’m trying to run Home Assistant using docker on Windows…

The documentation says I should use the Host network, otherwise something won’t work and then I should create portproxies on my Windows machine.
But how can I do this as the container running host doesn’t have an IP Address?

Ok, so I try running bridge mode with -ports 8123:8123 on and it works. Hurray!!!..but…
Now the discovery of systems doesn’t work… nothing scans my network and tells me to setup f.ex Ikea Trådfri.
Sure, I could do this manually, but what else isn’t working.

How can I get this to work using docker on windows?

If I were trusting my home automation to be as rock solid as possible and have near 100% up-time, I’d stay away from Windows / MSFT.

Personally, I spent $200 on an i5 NUC on eBay (arguably overkill) and run in on Ubunutu / Docker.

Gives me piece of mind knowing someone random update isn’t going to reboot my device when I don’t want it to and it’s been pretty rock solid (save for an SSD drive failure) for the last 10+ months.

I run Home Assistant (HassOS) in virtualbox. It has been running flawlessly for months. Virtualbox has the added benfit of passsing USB (zwave) stuff though. You make a new Generic Linux VM, make sure UEFI is enabled, add the HassOS ova as a disk, and you’re off and running.

Yeah, but - why?