Home Assistant does not see Lights from Conbee


Curently my aqara light has been moved to Conbee 2, everything works smooth with the cube, but the light isn’t visible in Home Assisant, only in the Deconz Addon.

Furthermore I’m able to see my cube in Home assistant as an entity.
Would like to have the same as for my Aqara light as I would like to manage a room from Home assistant also.

I have also some LSC wifi GU10 leds in the same room, so want to create one room for this but as I can’t see the Aqara light in Home Assistant its getting difficult…

Do other lights work in deconz, or other entities and show up in HA?

If yes, then remove your deconz addon, restart home assista t and re-add it. It sometimes doesn’t want to update the entities for recently added devices. You could also try a service call and do a deconz_device_refresh, though that has never worked for me in the past. Removing it was my only remedy (and I still frequently do that when adding new entities that don’t show up in HA).

If no, and you can’t see any entities from deconz at all, then remove deconz integration, restart home-assistant, and instead of using the auto discovery, add it manually in integrations by clicking the orange plus button. Select deconz. Before pressing next, open the phosconn app, go to gateway>advanced and approve third party app. This will give you 60 seconds to approve the app go back to your HA window and click on submit. Unless your conbee is on another network or subnet this should have worked.

Let me know if it fixed it for you!

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My apologies for creating a new topic, meanwhile it has been solved after rebooting the HA…

Damnnn my apologies!

Chiming in here, thanks for this info. My issue involved with none of my lights being picked up by Home Assistant (yet working in deCONZ), but yet all of my door/window sensors were working fine. I utilized “deconz_device_refresh,” and all worked out like a charm! Thanks again for your help

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