Home Assistant doesn't start until login as root on a Raspberry Pi

Hi guys!

I"m completely noob and tried my first Home Assistant installation on a Raspberry Pi 1 I had around here. I know it’s too old and too slow, but I wanted to experiment with it before buying a new Pi.

I used the Pie image avaiable in Github and everything went well. I was able to install integrations and control multiple devices flawlessly.

However, my Home Assistant requires me to login (root) everytime I boot the Pi, or it won"t start the http service. I’ve read some articles saying that HA should istart automatically, but that’s not happening. No web interface until login as root on the OS.

Searching the Forum, I was able to find a similar problem but regarding to VMs, not a Pi. Nevertheless, the issue was resolved after booting several times - which did not solved my case.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks!