Home Assistant inaccessible again

I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 (64bit), with SSD installed for HASS.
Previously I couldn’t access home assistant UI and thought it is a problem of SD card so updated to SSD, but I seem to be having similar issue again.

I see following error:

I’m not sure what is root cause or how should I debug this, I would like to know at least what causes the issue.

[EDIT1]: Connected external monitor and I see bunch of errors as follows:

systemd-journald: Failed to write entry (read only file system)

Going to debug for that

[EDIT2]: That error seems to point that there was mounting issue (to make system read-only), I unplugged power, unplugged all USB cables. Plugged USB back in and then powered up.
It seems to be working again and I don’t see any errors on monitor anymore.

I would still like confirmation if it was just dislodged USB

Hello hass_noob,

Did you understand why it was happening? I recently moved from an SD card to an SSD USB disk and my homeassistant keeps crashing.

Thank you!

It was not properly connected USB (case specific connection for SSD), I’ve not had any issues since then.