Home Assistant Integration to save Cam Footage

Hi All,

I am new to home assistant and have successfully configured my IMOU cameras using ONVIF integration. I want to understand if there is a method to store the footage/recording of the cameras directly in Home Assistant using some integration or do we have to have dedicated software installed first.

I am keen to learn about the Frigate but does Frigate only works as an integration in the home assistant whereas the standalone software has to run separately or can we run Frigate directly in the home assistant without any external installation? I am running Homeassistant on a windows 10 VM and am keen to know if there are windows supported platforms. Blue Iris is the one but is expensive for me.

Frigate always runs standalone. Even addon is a docker container running frigate

Integration just pulls in sensors and better integrates recording and images for use by HA.

Thanks, do you suggest any free video recording software for Windows.

Nope. I guess blue iris

I tried everything and they were all terrible with exception of motioneye and frigate

Terrible defined as

  • cameras were hard to get working (shinobi/zoneminder)

  • crashed and difficulty to manage (shinobi)

  • blueiris was more than I wanted. Motioneye had simple interface and just worked but loading and viewing videos were slow

Frigate is managed by yml files. The UI is simple and works well. CPU use is actually lower than motioneye (image processing offloaded to tpu but motion and detect is still cpu). Frigate isn’t perfect but it does work and actually quite well

Thanks, Can we run Frigate in windows on a VM?

Frigate runs best in docker per docs

Windows not supported but some got it working WSL or virtualbox

VM not recommended…documented issues


Not officially supported but take a look at Frigate on Docker, in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) · Discussion #4375 · blakeblackshear/frigate · GitHub