Home assistant invalid date error in "History"

Hi all! An odd issue… in the history screen the date is giving me an error. The calendar shows a future date while homeassistant recognizes that it is a future date and spits out an error.

The error reads "invalid data at row #0: start > end)

Is this because the date in RPI is different than the configuration of HA?

Another weird issue is I can’t login to the GUI for HA. I did the AIO install from a clean OS. Now I can access everything via shell but i’m stuck on login screen if trying to view via HDMI.

Thanks all!

Here is what the error looks like. Not sure where the dates are coming from.


IN RPI it is set at central and in HA it is set as Americas/Chicago

If that’s not a typo, you actually want America/Chicago

I was getting the same error as well. Always 1 day into the future. Reset the date to the current & everything works fine. Stop & restart the service… error pops up again.

It is set at America/Chicago.

Shazter, did you end up fixing this?

Nope. Toronto & nope not fixed on my last run of the system (still f$^&king around with my configuration, so I pull out my gear every couple of days & tinker around - not a 24/7 installation yet).

Seems like a few of us have this issue. Hoping tor a fix!

Seems fine now (ran the recent upgrade, though). Fixed- not by me, but still fixed.

Seems to be fixed now with the upgrade. I still need to test the GUI.