¿Home Assistant + Kodi?

Can a RPi2B manage both HA and Kodi at same time?
Which would be the best way to install both together?

Thank you

It’s possible but I don’t know how good the performance on the RPI2 will be. Anyway I would highly suggest NOT installing both on the same pi, get another pi and separate Kodi and HA.

I was using OSMC (Kodi) together with HA on a rpi3B, when also mariadb instead of sqlite as a database, memory was getting very tight.

As Burningstone said, would not recommend it.

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I would agree with burning (yet again) you will see many people here talking about the resilience of a pi with an SD card such that there are whole threads devoted to specific solutions using NUC’s etc.
People come to rely upon their HA and though the wife hated getting it installed, she will hate it even more when it suddenly stops working.
Kodi, is a good program and very versatile but I’ve never run it for more than a week, so I would really call into question running them together as one may not play nicely with the other over a period of time especially considering that they will be sharing the same 1GB of memory.
The cost of a second pi is negligible and whilst at it, you may as well pay the premium to get 4GB, no one ever got sacked for buying too much memory. You choose how to use it as a 4K ultra vga Kodi player or a rock solid HA instance

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