Home Assistant LG C2 Notification not showing up

Hello there!
I’m new to the Home Assistant and I’m having a lot of fun setup everything. At this point I’m getting what I was looking for but I’m having troubles with my LG TV Evo C2. It it correctly connected to Home Assistant and in fact I can control It from my dash board. The problems is that i cannot get my notification showing up on the TV with my automations. With the other device is perfect but not with the TV. The are on the same network, the only relay is the HA that is connected to a extender.
Can anyone help me?
(Further how can i ass the Turn On Button for the TV? At this stage i can only turn it off)

I had this problem too. Instead of using the notify service use the command service - worked for me:

service: webostv.command
  entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_tv_oled65c2psc
  command: system.notifications/createToast
    title: title
    message: "Person at front door"