Home Assistant Motion Light Implementation (Very Customisable)


Yes it is duration sensor. Ok. I will try that option. Thanks.


Nope. It doesn’t change anything. Entity_controller is blocked while entity_off script is running. That delay is showstopper. Well we tried. :slight_smile:


@danny I’m curious if this could be used in reverse… When a light is turned on manually, turn off after x time of inactivity on a sensor(s). Would be valuable to be able to utilize the night mode, and overrides.

I guess that’s the block mode restriction… gonna test this…


I am new to this awesome component and have a hard time figuring out if the component supports turning on multiple individual lights with different service data simultaneously? or will this require me to create a template?

If possible, kindly provide an example :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


@danny I posted a bug/error to Github - but wanted to follow up here for discussion. I’m trying to set a light or group of lights in a way that if turned on automatically will turn off after a set time (using block_timeout) but don’t want to require that the sensor detect motion before the timer starts. I was assuming you could use the light/switch as a sensor for that purpose. Can you confirm that will work as I’m expecting? Or could this be partially to blame for the error I am seeing (https://github.com/danobot/entity-controller/issues/47)?


The sensor must be triggered before the timer starts. That is how its currently implemented.