Home assistant negative values -energy dashboard

There are already some posts on this topic here in the forum, e.g. Here
People’s problem has always been that they have stored sensors in the energy dashbaord whose value has decreased in between and has not risen continuously / remained in the same state.
This is not the case with me, I either have an increase or the sensor stays the same.
Example: Today between 3 and 4 pm:

However, Home Assist does not seem to have a problem with the fact that the values
not always increase but partly remain as they are . you can see very well in the comparison between the current from the mains sensor (positive ) and the current to the mains sensor (negative )

I don’t really see any relevant difference between the two sensors, which is why I can’t really explain the values.
Do you have any solution for that?

As a new user I can unfortunately only upload one picture per post, so the other pictures are now here

@moderators can you please move this therd to configuration -frontend
Thanks .

It belongs in the Configuration or Energy categories.

I have the same issue, I have installed NODON devices connected via MQTT to pilot my electric heating panels

I can also measure consumption, so I added them as individual devices to the Energy dashboard but sometimes, I see some negative values as below:

Looking closer I can see the " decrease" around 3pm in the sensor history

This is how the Towel Dryer Energy sensor is set up

I have been thinking of adding some template entries or helpers but I am not sure how. Also I would like, if possible to not have to do this every time I add a new energy sensor.
Any idea what is the solution?
Thank you