Home Assistant not updating or rebooting but is offline

When I update Home Assistant (or HASS OS) it goes offline and does not come back online. When I manually reboot the device (remove power and plug back in) then it comes back but the update is not always done and I have to click install again on the update screen.

Usually the update is being done the second time.

I use x86-64 general on an Dell WYSE 5070 (Pentium J5005).

Seen similar behavior when running out of ram (mainly because of add-ons). Try stopping some of your add-ons before the update and see if the update works.

Thank you for your tip.

I went from a RPi4 with 4GB to this device with 8GB RAM. Never had any problems with the RPi.

At this moment it utilizes 21% of the available RAM. However, I will try to stop some addons before updating to see if that helps.