Home assistant not working at different location

I am currently working on a university project and am still leaning home assistant. I have to integrate a couple of devices (located in uni) into home assistant. I have it set up on my laptop on my home wifi using virtual machine. However when i take my laptop to university the link on my browser does not work. How do i solve this issue?

Your wifi network in university probably blocking this over network, i would check with IT.

Have you tried using the IP address?

Have you assigned a static IP address for home assistant or are you using DHCP?

It is more than likely that your home network uses a different IP address space than that supplied by your university.

I believe that HA is using my home IP address. I didnt specify any different IP address to be used. Should i re install HA on campus using uni wifi? Would that work? Or is there a posibility of changing the IP address of my current HA installation to the uni IP address?

If you use DHCP it should work in both places.

It will just be a matter of finding out what that IP address is, as your uni network probably doesn’t have mDNS enabled (so you cant use homeassistant.local). Easy enough at home - look in your router. Not sure how you would go about it at uni. Maybe find the mac address when at home then ask your uni IT department to locate it for you?

It works perfectly at home! But i mainly need it to connect to devices in uni and thats where it isnt working. I will try changing the DHCP settings. If that doesnt work i could try re-installing HA from scratch while im connected to the uni wifi.