Home Assistant on Orange Pi?

Hi –

Anyone have experience installing Home Assistant on an Orange Pi? Is it even officially supported? I am asking because they appear to be more widely available than the Raspberry Pi’s.


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Hi Brian - I can’t answer your question at the moment however my new Orange Pi5 has just arrived and it is my intention to use that for HomeAssistant.

I guess that there is going to be some tweaking required …

Very new to Home Assistant and Pi so kind of looking for something that works without a lot of tweaking out of the box.

It’s not supported for Home Assistant OS, at least not officially. Whether any of the images boot on it I don’t know.

You can certainly use the Container install on it. You don’t get add-ons (which are basically special Docker images for HAOS) but you can run the same underlying software directly in Docker.

I will keep a close eye out for when a Raspberry Pi becomes available. I been going through this with other vendors such as Lexmark and Ubiquiti and of course the scalpers buy stuff when it becomes available and little guys loose out.

Honestly… don’t waste your time.

HAOS will run on just about any PC that supports UEFI. You can buy a second hand laptop from the last decade that’ll outperform any Pi, while drawing only a little more power. You get away from low performance hardware, and away from SD cards that are a well known source of failure.


Would like couple cheap Pi’s anyways to connect a couple UPS’s that cannot be networked so I could get data from them via NUTS, but as far as running HAOS on an always on laptop, just not interested in going that route. As is my primary desktop is on now for HAOS as it runs off vmware workstation. Not my preferred solution right now. Thanks for advice, I just don’t agree with it, at least not now. I will wait for Pi’s to be back at a reasonable price. I am certainly not going to bend to the scalpers

@ndawson Would love to hear your thoughts, just got my hands on my new orange pi 5 and haven’t been able to run HomeAssistant OS on it with VM, if you manage in another way let me know

I haven’t been able to run home assistant OS yet, really wish I manage, as I prefer it over running docker, less work, but if I won’t manage to I will work with docker probably.

keep in mind I noticed they have a bug with their ubuntu OS that is doesn’t support hardware acceleration, I am using Debian and performance wise it works great but I didn’t manage to run home assistant os on VM there yet

I installed the Orange PI debian server image, and on top of that the container based installation seems to work fine.
At least the Home-Assistant WEB seems to work and it discovered some of my devices.
Further testing is needed, but I am pretty optimistic.

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I purchased a 2nd Orange Pi 3LTS with 2GbRam and an 8Gb EMMC storage.

Installed the :-
Armbian client
Docker Engine
Docker Console
Created a Portainer container which I can access via the Portainer portal
Created a Home Assistant container

I can see the container via Portainer and also log onto HomeAssistant via the HomeAssistant portal.

All appears to be working fine.

My next step is to backup the system then move the containers from the EMMC to a temporary SD card before moving them to a SSD (which I still have to purchase).

Took a lot of work to get this far but most of it was due to my lack of knowledge.

Bottom line - it appears to work fine on the Orange :tangerine: pi3


I’m running home assistant supervised in a docker container on a orangepi 5 with orangepi5 debian bullseye server.

Work fine.
Only thing is that you have to install/activate apparmor and cgroupv1 manually.

It is still saying it is unsupported but that’s because home-assistant doesn’t know orangepi5 debian bullseye.

No, it’s because that’s not actually Debian, or because of some other thing in the requirements that you’ve ignored :wink:

It’s a version of debian specifically for the orangepi 5, so no official debian. That’s why I had to activate some things manually.

The only unsupported error it gives now is “unsupported os”.

Hi –

Side note and apology for jumping in here. Has anyone had any issues trying to add NUT Server when its been setup on Orange Pi? When I upsc cyberpower@localhost I am getting all the data from the ups. I even setup a brand new instance of HA and still cannot add NUT server. I tried this directly on the Orange Pi which can access HA console. I did have this working about a week or so ago and then I recall a HA update came out.

I see a lot of people talking about Docker, but would HAOS work in a VM on the orangePi? I don’t see why not but also I’m not that experienced.
I’d prefer to run a VM anyways, as i like the add-ons and want to run some light stuff in parallel… Until Pis get cheaper again, I’d rather not buy multiple!
Right now I’m using HAOS on an old office computer I got for free, but it consumes 50-100W so it’s not great lol.

When installing the Home Assistant Supervised, which machine type did you select? raspberrypi4-64?

I’m following up the installation guide on my Orange Pi 3 LTS, so far so good. I’m seeing the warning for the cgroupv1 you’ve mentioned.

I believe I used the aarch-64 option

Hi, could you explain how you have done it?
Which version did you install?

I installed it on an OrangePi 3LTS, manually enabled cgroupv1, and in the web notifications, it tells me that it is not compatible