Home Assistant on Samsung TV I ternet Browser : Initializing

Hi guy’s,
I’m just trying to have HASSIO Front End to run on my internet TV browser but unfortunately all my attempt are without success. There is many threads going on that topic without having a clear understanding why HA is still remaining to the initializing… mode.

My biggest assumption is: The Samsung TV Internet browser : is NOT SUPPORTED

Error is:

2023-02-02 08:20:41.248 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202302010] :0:0 Script error.

The TV specifications are: A Samsung Smart (dumb) TV

[MN : UN58RU7100FXZC
PD : --/–/----
SN :
FW : T-MSLAKUC-1401.0
FC : SWU-OU_T-MSLAKUC_1401_220729
MA : A4307A2E7910
SC : 10201_AC24_Z_Z

If someone has a clue or an understanding of my issues, you are welcome to tell me :slight_smile:

Have a great day

There is no hope. HA frontend relies on modern javascript, which this browser obviously not supports.

Hi Igor,

Thank you, that make sense … But I’ll do some more testing to see if other complex/similar website will have the same kind of behaviour