Home assistant OS on SD card

Hi all,
Long time follower, finally started with my Home assistant journey.

Please forgive me if this has been covered, I have being searching for the last 3 days.

I installed home assistant on an SD card, to my Rsp pi3

Get in, everything is good. . However no supervisor.
The pi will be dedicated to home assistant.
I used the instructions on the HA website and lazyadmin.

Please help, I deleted and reinstalled about 20times now

I’m on the ‘haos_rpi3-64-7.6’

The lazyadmin site has supervisor still in the left bar, but newer versions do not show it there anymore. Most likely you do have it - look in the configuration menu for the things you need. You’ll also find the supervisor status in there, in the System tab close to the addons page you were probably looking for.

configuration/addons, backups & supervisor As suggested above.

Apologies guys… my frustration got the best of me… I saw that now.

But don’t use an SD card for production deployment. It will die sooner than later.
Better get an SSD with a SATA-USB adapter!