Home Assistant OS root partition Disk space is full ('404 no such image' errors)

I’ve installed Home Assistant on my new 64GB card and pushed it into my Raspberry Pi 4, after a while It appears I am having 100% disk space in “hassos-system0” partition (one of the partitions of home assistant OS) and I can not install anything or upgrade HA (I have 404 errors, and after investigation I understood its disk space issue).

when I loaded the SD card in my ubuntu PC I see 100% of the root drive (with all OS files), and the file system is “unknown”:

anyone seen it before? any idea why on 64GB I have only ~250 MB for the root? I tried to expand it but as the file system is unknown I can not expand it (hassos-data partition have 53GB free and I can use it)

Regards, Eran

No idea but…
you might want to think about a normal OS like i.e. ubuntu 20.04 and run HA as a docker container. Than you can monitor with your normal unix knowledge and google show a lot more answers…

try to run in a ssh shell:

ha su repair