Home Assistant "person" Occupancy in HomeKit

Wondering if anyone knows how to get HomeKit to recognize the Occupancy of a device_tracker that changes state based on room (ESPresense).

I have my watch working fine and I have it setup as a device_tracker and it is properly giving the state of the rooms, or more specifically, the Areas in Home Assistant that ESPresense must be auto setting up for each ESP32 device:

alias: update_watch_device_tracker
description: ""
  - platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.apple_watch
  - service: device_tracker.see
      dev_id: apple_watch
      source_type: bluetooth
      location_name: "{{ states.sensor.apple_watch.state }}"
mode: single

And then I tie this tracker to a person and then that gets synced over to HomeKit via the HomeKit integration but HomeKit is not detecting I am home. I am thinking the reasoning is due to HomeKit probably expecting home or not_home for the location_name, and my watch is pretty much providing:

  • living_room, kitchen, etc
  • not_home for when I am not in any room, thus not home

So technically I think the not_home works but the home is not working.

The HomeKit doc mentions these two Zones I guess we can only use: Device Tracker - Home Assistant, so anyone know what is the best way to get around this where HomeKit knows I am home by room or do I have to tell the location_name I am home based on the room states, thus losing out on more granular tracking I am doing for the person object.