Home Assistant rebuild now not seeing devices that 4 Pi 0's are seeing with room-assistant

So I’ve had HA running fine since February with 4 Pi Zero’s successfully reporting room presence for keys, Apple watches, iPhones etc.

Then my HA instance started restarting every few minutes and then when I tracked that down to a NR flow which I’d deleted and fixed, NR started crashing with every deploy. Left with no other option I rebuilt HA from scratch.

Now MQTT sees the 4 Pi’s as devices fine but doesn’t see any device_trackers. Room-Assistant see’s devices and MQTT Explorer sees Pi’s and device_trackers but they’re not getting created in HA. Convinced I’ve missed something in HA. Can’t be RA as this has been working since I set this up in February.

Can anyone help please?

When I listen in MQTT for room-assistant/# topics I see the following which is correct yet I’m not seeing that tracker in HA anywhere. Convinced I’m missing something simples.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 11.09.36

Are both your room-assistant discoveryPrefix and your HA discovery_prefix set to the same value?

Hmmmmm well I’ve not specified one in RA configs and the default should be “homeassistant” from what I read. And I’ve not changed anything in HA. The yaml files were all from an upload to GitHub just before powering off the old instance. So I’m confident in those. Just wonder if something was configured in HA that I’ve forgotten.

Your screenshot seems to show a room-assistant prefix…

You are right, and MQTT Explorer does support this. But I can’t ignore that my RA configs haven’t changed on my Pi’s since when built in February and when I spin up the old broken HA instance they do update fine. Still convinced I’ve missed something in HA.

The documentation for RA or the YT videos I’ve watched for these two doesn’t mention changing any prefixes.

Could it be something else I’ve missed?

Did you compare everything between the old and the new HA instance ?

I tried to yes. So the .yaml files are all recent from a recent upload to github prior to powering down the broken instance. I’ve also taken screenshots of the supervisor add-on for MQTT and MQTT integration and they are configured the same in both instances.

I’ve gone back over several YT videos to check if something is missed and I can’t see anything.

Not sure what to tell you.
Maybe show your RA config

No worries. It’s an odd one. Here’s the config from the hallway Pi:

Here’s MQTT Explorer screenshot:

Do you have homeassistant/device_tracker/<id>/config topics?
If so, please show the json payload.
If not, I actually have no clue how RA works :wink:

Nope there are none listed in MQTT explorer.

Did you sort this out? It may be caused by updating the Pi to the latest version of bluez-firmware with apt-update. There are several posts on the room-assistant Github about this, including one pinned at the top.
Rolling back bluez-firmware as recommended, didn’t work for me or several others.

Not really, no. Changing from ble to bc suddenly created all the additional devices in HA.

I’ve not updated the Pi’s since I built them in Feb so not sure if it’s that or not.

Glad to hear it. I would definitely avoid updating them for now. If it ain’t broke, etc.